we are in fact all one incredibly dynamic self-aware and interactive unfolding of space time.” - Richard Doyle

— The Genesis of Now

Ohmfest 2021

LandEye melds downtempo electronica with an emphasis on live instrumentation, bringing electronic music to a new level in his live performances. LandEye records his music with his arsenal of guitars, keyboards, and bass guitars. The instrument focused electronic sound gathers inspiration from Emancipator, FKJ, Opuio, Desert Dwellers, and Papadosio. Having performed as a lead guitarist for 5 years, from 2014-2019, in various bands with genres ranging from Jam to Pop, LandEye’s creations have a keen sensibility for keeping the listener engaged with catchy yet mystical sounds. Listeners find themselves transported to an emotional world where the captivating nature of instrumental performances drives the music. 

When seeing LandEye perform, his inspirations become salient. LandEye moves between a variety of styles in his live performances, paying close attention to the atmosphere of the venue and the energy of his audience. Large festival crowds can look forward to LandEye creating vast spaces with downtempo grooves combined with subtle yet danceable dub moments, drawing on Emancipator and Opuio. In his more intimate live performances, restaurants and private events, LandEye can be seen improvising loop oriented beats in the style of Nu-Jazz and Funk, performing with Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, and Bass Guitar, inspired by FKJ and Papadosio. On top of his innovative sound, his restaurant act contains acoustic covers of classic tunes from The Eagles, Rod Stewart, John Denver, Steve Miller Band, and John Mayer

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