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Before starting LandEye, Tucker Landis has been on live stages for the past 8 years both as a solo guitarist and with 3 live bands. He is no stranger to the live setting and excels when he is on stage. The studio project that developed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has produced music worthy of festivals and venues. 

When you enter the world of LandEye you'll be swept away by Organic, Groovy, Downtempo. The heartfelt, energetic, and ecstatic sound speaks for itself. Filled with a blend of organic and surreal sounds LandEye is a shapeshifter showcasing multiple styles throughout his music. LandEye seamlessly binds live guitar with electronic elements. His music is best described as Organic, Groovy, and Dubby.

LandEye is carving out his own niche with his one of a kind production style that heavily emphasizes the melodic nature of improvisation while maintaining the rhythmic influence to keep listeners dancing. Audiences can expect to hear dub drops mixed with grooving downtempo. LandEye sounds like a cross between Emancipator, Opuio, Bonobo, and Clozee while adding heavy amounts of electric and acoustic guitar. LandEye’s live show is packed with high energy tracks to elevate audiences, while his recorded music can be considered more downtempo and chill at times. Listen deeply, there is more there than you think. LandEye is pushing boundaries and attempting to do something different at all times. Sit back and enjoy the cosmic ride. He makes a perfect addition to any music festival.

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