we are in fact all one incredibly dynamic self-aware and interactive unfolding of space time.” - Richard Doyle

— The Genesis of Now

Bringing a wide variety of styles and sounds, LandEye is the culmination of Improvisational and Downtempo music. The pallet of sounds consists of lead guitar, synthesizers, and driving percussion. Tucker Landis, the creator, began his musical career in 2014 performing in the underground music scene of State College where he formed his first band. Like most careers, this genesis would lead to a full performance schedule between two larger bands from 2015-2019, averaging over 100 performances a year. The bands consisted of DopplerPoppins, an improvisational funk band, and Shallow 9, a professionally produced cover band performing Pop. Tucker’s unique blend of experience, style, and sound design culminate in a sound and live show that crosses Emancipator, FKJ, and Opuio. LandEye will be coming to a festival or club near you soon enough, check it out!

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